It doesn’t matter how much anyone donate what matters most is the feeling of helping the needy people. Donation may be small but if it makes poor one happy its more than any riches of the world. Our welfare Society wanted to help the poorest of all in every possible way and for this we need your support. You can support us and show your care to the needy by not only monetary donation but also clothes, books, toys and other items of need. By your such donation in kind you can make someone happy.

Donation-in-Kind (Clothes, Toys, Stationary, and other Essentials)

Abhilakshay Educational and Welfare Society always welcome Donations in Kind But because our projects are based in Delhi -NCR  area so we will accept donation in kinds From Delhi -NCR, and Jaipur Rajasthan Only. Please fill the form and we will contact you within 48 hours for picking of materials.

*****We only accept the clothes and other stuff of Children from 1 to 14 years of age. So fill the form only if you have the stuffs related to children of prescribed age.*****

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